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Add flexibility and interactivity to your presentations with a scalable display size.

Dual Way Classroom Interactions

Encourage students to develop significantly greater creativity, flexibility and originality, as well as improve their motivation to learn, and allow teachers to create attention-grabbing and relevant teaching materials.

Whiteboard Sharing Function*

Share content instantly with up to 15 local or remote participants connected to the same network. Participants can join the session and annotate content using a tablet, smartphone or computer, via a Web browser.


*selected models only

Large scale interactive presentation

Màn hình tương tác siêu rộng với hai máy chiếu hoạt động liền mạch. Khả năng tương tác đa màn hình sẽ tạo ra một màn hình lớn hơn để nhiều người cùng tham gia hơn.


*chỉ áp dụng cho EB-1485Fi

Remote Desktop Access

Project and annotate on information stored in different remote locations right from your meeting room, giving you unparalleled flexibility and convenience.


*selected models only

Epson's range of Ultra Short Throw Interactive Projectors

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Ultra Short Throw Interactive Projectors

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