Shining young learner's future through Epson's interactive solution.

At My Gym, located at Buona Vista in Singapore, productive teaching methods are redefining collaboration between teachers and children – enhancing the learning experiences of young minds.

Delivered with high energy and emphasis on children’s engagement, My Gym’s unique program focuses on 4 domains of children’s development: physical, social, emotional and cognitive. These are uniquely designed for every child’s linguistic development, motor skills, auditory and visual stimulation, confidence and self-esteem.

Suited for toddlers up to early teens, learning through play is the key to their progress at My Gym.

The projector’s interactive benefits enter the learning environment

Constantly seeking new ways to improve levels of engagement and interactivity, Max Lee, director of operations at My Gym, foresaw the value of the projector in an interactive, tactile-based learning environment.

Max chose Epson’s world-first 3LCD finger-touch enabled, ultra-short throw interactive projector for its peerless collaborative capabilities. With dual-pen interactivity and multi-touch function enabled, a total of two interactive pens and six fingers can be annotated on the same screen at any time. Children can also pre-select their desired drawing tools for using anywhere on the screen.

3LCD projectors deliver brilliant, accurate colours, matching the white brightness to portray realistic images. This rich colour quality and vibrant visuals attract the children’s attention, with true-to-life content that supports learning. Crucially, the projector offers brightness of 3,300 lumens – which is sufficient for well-lit areas, without posing harm to sensitive young eyes.

The advantage of the projector’s ultra-short throw means that the teachers can position the projector closer to the screen, drastically reducing shadow interference – whilst avoiding light beams shining on teachers’ faces.

"We can spark a child's natural curiosity and enthusiasm, to provide stimulation for learning and enable greater retention of information."

Max Lee, director of operations at My Gym

Sparking children’s curiosity and helping them retain information

Commenting on the success of adopting Epson technology, Max enthused: “Through our interactive programme enabled by the Epson projector, we can spark a child’s natural curiosity and enthusiasm, to provide stimulation for learning and enable greater retention of information.”

Fascinated by the projector’s true-to-life images, the children at My Gym have benefited from deeper engagement during lessons. “For the first time,” he added, “they can now showcase their creativity and bring their artworks to life.”

Giving teachers what they need to deliver lessons with impact

This latest technology is also beneficial for teachers. Factually, with the projector’s swift start-up, teachers can easily project images wirelessly from mobile devices and laptops. Furthermore, the projector is bundled with SMART Notebook collaborative software, easing content creation, and boosting the delivery of lessons.

Warmly received by Max, teachers and children alike at My Gym, the latest Epson projector technology continuously helps eager young learners in developing their individual creativity and expansion of knowledge.

Click the below link to watch a short film about My gym.

Interact Seamlessly Across Panoramic Images

Epson EB-600 series:

Take learners to the world through life-size panoramic images. Introducing advanced features such as beyond Full HD ultra-short throw projection, PC-less and seamless interactivity across dual screens, the Epson EB-600 projector series enables you to kick-start highly engaging interactive presentations right away.

Image That Illuminates
WUXGA* delivers clarity at a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels to highlight every intricate detail and create large inspiring larger than Full HD images.

Enhanced Audience Collaboration
Send projected questions to the audience’s mobile devices for gathering responses and project up to four at once.

* For EB-696Ui only.
^ Available on EB-696Ui/695Wi/685Wi only

To find out more about the Epson EB-600 series interactive projectors, download the product brochure here.