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Driving the Monna Lisa Evo Tre is a new print head array featuring Epson’s advanced PrecisionCore technology. Taking the example of 128 PrecisionCore MicroTFP print chips configured as 32 four-chip print heads, the array provides 12,800 nozzles* for each colour and outstanding productivity. While being highly durable, it is also designed for easy maintenance to minimise downtime.

PrecisionCore is the outcome of constant research and development to achieve greater efficiency, quality and reliability in Direct-to-Fabric printing.

*In 8-colour configuration

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Symmetrical colour alignment for maximum print quality and productivity

Symmetrical colour alignment ensures consistent colour overlap order is maintained during bidirectional printing. As a result, colour and pattern reproduction are exceptionally uniform, and even areas of solid color and fine geometric patterning can be beautifully rendered while maintaining high throughput.

Monna Lisa Evo Tre evolution: development and innovation

Monna Lisa Evo Tre has become the brand representing Epson industrial digital textile printers and a reference standard for high quality printing in such fields of application as haute couture & fast fashion, accessories, home textiles and sportswear. Characterised by the flexibility and productivity typical of digital technology, it is the right choice for an increasingly dynamic market, which demands swift responses to shifting needs.

Introduction to Monna Lisa Evo Tre

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Flexibility and reliability

One of the most important qualities of Monna Lisa Evo Tre is its flexibility. It provides users with a single printer to meet a variety of different production needs. It handles different types of inks, prints on any type of fabric and reproduces the simplest or most complex designs with uncompromising quality, speed and repeatability. Inks are available in 10L colour racks, with the possibility to swap ink types.

Moreover Monna Lisa Evo Tre is available in several configurations, differentiated by number of print heads and printing widths.


Ink Management

The exclusive vacuum-packed degassed ink management system is designed to achieve the maximum efficiency while minimising ink waste. Ink racks are available in 10L capacity with a wide array of colours.


The broad resolution range and interlacing methods ensure high quality prints on any fabric type.

Facilitated Access

Easy and safe access to the machine for inspections, management and maintenance operations.

PrecisionCore Print Head Array

The new print head array combines quality, precision, speed and reliability with unprecedented results. It is the ultimate evolution of Epson’s proprietary Micro Piezo printing technology.

Fabric Loading and Dragging

The efficient fabric loading and dragging system is studied to ensure highly precise printing speed and quality.

Epson Edge Print Textile

Epson Edge Print Textile is the RIP software specifically designed to get the most out of your Monna Lisa Evo Tre. The freedom to use other RIPs or textile CADs remains one of the main features of the printer flexibility.