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Epson Robots

Transformation. Details make the difference.
Enjoy the advantages of automation. Transform your production line and your bottom line.

Find the Right Fit for Your Business

In any industry, the Epson robotic solution can be customised down to the last detail, to meet your business needs.
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Compact Efficiency of Motion

Epson N2 6-Axis Robots
Epson N2 compact 6-axis robots have a unique, patented folding arm technology which allows them to work in extremely compact spaces with superior efficiency of motion. Ideal, for instance, for small electronic parts and medical devices assembly.

For Big Jobs in Tiny Spaces

Epson C8 Compact 6-Axis Robots
C8 robots can do jobs that other small 6-axis arms simply cannot – handling payloads of up to 8kg while maintaining fast speeds and cycle times, and eliminating vibration, on a compact footprint. Serving everything from automotive and aerospace, to medical, electronics, semiconductor, food and other industries.

The Details: Inspiring Success Stories

Happy Customers and Better Revenue

An automotive supplier reduced the number of shipments containing defective parts, and raised customer satisfaction with their service, by using an automated inspect and pack-out cell equipped with an Epson TT8800 robot and a simple pneumatic gripper.
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