Industrial Label Printers Epson SurePress L-6534VW

Epson SurePress L-6534VW UV Digital Label Press

Impressive Versatility, Endless Possibilities

The Epson SurePress L-6534VW is made to bring your printing needs to the next level. Developed with Epson's proprietary printing technology, the L-6534VW makes labels stand out with its ability to print spot UV colours. Expect productivity that will surely impress with the PrecisionCore linehead that not only prints at impressive speed but with droplets as small as 3.2pl, it produces images of the highest quality. With the Epson printing technology you have come to expect and a wider range of colour gamut of the Epson UV ink, create beautiful prints that pop with the L-6534VW.

      • Epson SurePress UV Curable Inks
      • PrecisionCore print head
      • Dual drying system
      • Variable-sized droplet technology
      • Automatic colour management


High Productivity
PrecisionCore Linehead
The L-6534VW PrecisionCore linehead delivers high productivity through single-pass printing with up to 600x1200dpi with droplets as small as 3.2pl using VSDT (Variable Sized Droplet Technology) enabling beautiful gradation and grey scale. PrecisionCore print chips consistently fire uniform dots using precision made ultra circular nozzles that allow precise drop placement to create razor ultrasharp definition. 

Drum Platen
The L-6534VW uses a drum platen, a highly accurate web feeding technology that holds the substrate tightly to prevent meandering and skewing of the web. The substrate is "fixed" to the drum, as it passes all printhead colours, hence providing excellent colour to colour registration. The Drum Platen allows the gap between the printhead and substrate to be kept very small (0.7mm), ensuring accurate ink placement, crisp text and fine lines. 

High Quality Printing
Digital Varnish Ink
The L-6534VW has spot varnish capability with Epson's innovative digital varnish. A gloss and matte spot finish can be printed anywhere on the label. Brand owners can now use unlimited tactile designs and effects.

UV Pinning System on all Colours
UV light is applied immediately after each colour is printed. This allows the PrecisionCore head to apply perfectly round drops in their correct positions. The UV printing prevents ink drops from spreading or deforming as ink is cured before absorption into substrates, allowing for the reproduction of vivid colour, smooth gradations and sharp, detailed text. This achieves the wide and accurate colour gamut brand owners require. 

Stable Operation
The L-6534VW automatically cleans and checks the printhead function. Nozzle Verification Technology checks nozzle status automatically by applying voltage to piezo elements and detects malfunctions in milliseconds. All nozzles are checked after cleaning and before printing. The head maintenance function cleans nozzles automatically to minimise operator interaction and increase automation. The Web cleaner wipes off debris on the surface of the substrate along with the exhaust fan of the corona treater. Additionally, an Ionizer removes static electricity on the surface of the substrate and improves the ejection stability during printing. 

Wide Range of Substrates and Versatile Applications
The Epson formulated inks allow a wide variety of standard flex materials to be utilised. A corona treater and final UV lamp are included to enhance printing on typical substrates. The low temperature UV LED cure enables printing on heat-sensitive substrates such as PE and shrink film. 

Epson UV Ink
Wide Colour Gamut
Epson UV ink contains a high concentration of pigment particles and along with the LED UV pinning enables wide gamut and vivid colours.

High Opacity White Ink
The single pass high-opacity white ink provides an ideal base layer for printing of vivid colours on clear or metallic substrates. The bright white ink also reproduces opaque fine text and lines.

Print Speed:

Print Speed: Productivity Mode: 50m/min
Standard Mode: 30m/min
High Density Mode: 15m/min
Reverse White Mode: 7.6m/min

Substrate Specification:

Substrate Support: Adhesive paper, adhesive film, single-layer paper, and single-layer filmSubstrate Thickness: 80 - 320 microns or 0.08mm – 0.32mmRoll Width: 80 to 340mm
Unwinder Capacity: 600mm diameter/ 100kg weight/ 1000m length

Dimensions/Installation Space:

Operating Space: 5.5 x 4.8 x 2.8m (W X D X H)


Ethernet: 10BASE-T/100BASE-T/1000BASE-T

Environmental Conditions:

Operational Environment: Temperature: 20 to 28°C
Humidity: RH 35 to 55%


* The actual throughput depends on a few factors:

1. The print quality required (which will determine the number of pass required)

2. The type of substrates used (which will have an impact on drying temperature and time balancing with the material robustness under heater. i.e. no crumbling etc.)

Usage Restriction:

  • Epson SurePress ink is not intended for direct food contact printing.