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Deliver detailed projections in classrooms, auditoriums, corporate boardrooms and meeting spaces.

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Having the right sized image for a room can make a huge difference to levels of concentration, enjoyment and understanding. Unlike flat panel displays, our projectors provide a scalable image size so whatever the room, every student gets a perfect view without losing image quality or needing constant zoom adjustment.

*Based on research conducted by Radius Research in US, UK and Singapore. The research was done using a 70-inch class 4K resolution at panel in a 22' x 27' / 22' x 26' / 22' x 30' classroom-style arrangement respectively. When asked to copy down six short items of information from slides displayed, 58% of students from US, 61% from UK, and 57% from Singapore, aged 12-22, copied at least one item incorrectly.

Inspiring the next generation of students

Add creativity and inspiration to modern learning environments and engage every student with our range of education projectors. From small interactive classrooms to large lecture theatres.

The Right Display Size

When choosing the right display size for a classroom, you should always look at two things: the potential size of the display and the distance from which students are viewing the display.

Split Screen Display

Simultaneously display two sources at the same time with split screen function.

Interactive Lectures

Traditional teaching that's focused on the lecturer is evolving fast. Spark every learner's participation with our interactive solutions.

Screen Mirroring*

The projector display matches that of the screen of the connected device.

*selected devices and models only 

Exceptional Projection Quality

Advanced 3LCD technology ensures 100% of the RGB colour signal is displayed for every frame. This ensures outstanding colour gamut while maintaining excellent brightness, without any "rainbowing" or "colour brightness" issues seen with other projection technologies.