Say no to tired eyes.
Enjoy a more comfortable learning experience without straining your eyes, with clearer content on bigger screens.
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Image Size (Diagonal)

Epson Projectors
Up to 120" 1 - 2x larger display area than a 50" flat panel.

Flat Panel Display
Average flat panel 55"-59"**.

1 EB-1485Fi can display up to 120" at 16:6 aspect ratio

Adjustable Size

Epson Projectors
Image size can be adjusted to meet viewing needs.

Flat Panel Display
Fixed screen size.

Easy On The Eyes

Epson Projectors
Bigger display with greater clarity allows easier readability and lesser chance of eye strain and tiredness, improving overall efficiency.

Flat Panel Display
Small displayed information will result in tired and strained eyes.


Epson Projectors
Eliminates glare as other light sources do not form blind spots on projection.

Flat Panel Display
Restricted viewing when other light sources create blindspot.

Viewing Angle

Epson Projectors
Wider viewing angle.

Flat Panel Display
Narrower viewing angle than projection.

Flexible Placement

Epson Projectors
Flexible placements, lightweight, portable design from 3.7kg.

Flat Panel Display
Heavy and remains in fixed location.

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* Based on white paper research by Intuit Research. The findings in the white paper are based on a survey conducted in Singapore among students (secondary school and college students), secondary school teachers and parents of primary and secondary school students in Singapore. Their responses to this survey are based on their perception and experience (of various visual technologies such as projectors and LCD/LED digital displays used in education institutes).
** Source: Futuresource Q3 2020, Flat Panel Displays.