ELPDC30 4K Document Camera

Your Partner in Enriching the Classroom Experience

Cut through the hassle, and get straight to your presentation. Epson's series of document cameras not only captures details with 4K resolution, its versatile connectivity also gives you great functionality.


  • Pixels: 13MP (4208 x 3120 pixels)
  • Camera Sensor: 1/3.2 inch CMOS Sensor
  • Resolution: Up to 4K
  • Zoom: 10x optical, 23x digital Zoom
  • Weight: Approx 2.8kg
  • Frame rate: Up to 60 frames per second (fps)

Realistic and Larger Images
Larger Imaging Sensor
Achieve sharp, clear images with amazing quality and detail in any light with the large imaging sensor, which captures more light per pixel.

Multiple Image Modes
Catering to various types of demand, the ELPDC30 comes with 6 image modes - normal, motion, wide angle, microscope, macro, and infinity - to enhance your learning and teaching experience.

10x Optical and 23x Digital Zoom
Zoom in on every intricate detail and let students get up close and personal with the subject at hand. The ELPDC30 delivers a unique perspective on any subject with up to 10x optical zoom and 23x digital zoom. Bring lessons alive, right before their eyes, without having to pass around a microscope or photograph.

Large Capture Area
Open students’ eyes to a whole new world of possibilities. With a large capture area, the ELPDC30 lets you display virtually any object - from a two-page spread in a textbook to 3D objects.

Microscope Support
You can even share organisms under a microscopic via the included microscope adapter. Just fit the adapter to any standard microscope eyepiece and bring the smallest particles to the big screen for all to see.

Frame Rate
Watch your presentation come alive with the 60 frames-per-second (fps) video that provides ultra-smooth video performance and minimal delays.

4K Image Output
Capture every detail and impress your audiences with brilliant 4K resolution.

Versatile Connectivity
Take learning to the next level with engaging multimedia presentations. Output the captured images to any HDMI, as well as to a PC via the Epson Interactive Tool (EIT).The document camera itself can also be a switcher to toggle input between PC and document camera image.
Enhance any learning experience with attention-grabbing content. You can even capture images and save them to the USB memory or connected PC. The Miracast is to connect to the document camera wirelessly.

Hassle-free Compatibility
Interactive Projector Integration
Enjoy instant interactivity with easy-to-use interactive tools. With PC-less annotation, add notes and diagrams to live images with Epson’s interactive projectors. Its compatibility with Epson’s interactive projectors gives you ease-of-control to your presentations.

Epson Easy Interactive Tools (EIT) Software
With PC connectivity, users can use the Epson’s Interactive Tool (EIT) to annotate on the live image. It is even easier with the Epson interactive projector, which allows users to annotate using the interactive feature.

Flexible mechanical head enables teachers to adjust the ELPDC30 easily, up to 180-degree, enhancing hybrid and online classes. The flexibility allows shooting from 3 different directions, allowing you to carry out your lessons and discussions without compromising your table space.

Portable and Compact
Save on space with the sleek and compact design that conveniently folds into a ready-to-carry unit. Bringing the ELPDC30 around has never been easier, as the body now comes with a handle to carry it around conveniently.

Record and Share Lessons
Now, it’s easier than ever to capture creative lessons and share them later with other students. Use the document camera and built-in microphone to record classroom demonstrations and projects. Then, play them back for students who missed the class.

Built-in LED Light
The built-in LED light illuminates objects so that you can project objects clearly even if the surrounding area is dimly lit.

Convenient One-touch Control
Enjoy convenient one-touch button to freeze, focus, capture and video record the images.

Wireless Specification (Screen Mirroring):

Supported Speed for Each Mode: Access Point(Wi-Fi Direct):
IEEE 802.11g (2.4GHz): 54 Mbps*
IEEE 802.11n (2.4GHz): 72.2 Mbps*
IEEE 802.11a (5GHz): 54 Mbps*
IEEE 802.11n (5GHz): 150.0 Mbps*
IEEE 802.11ac (5GHz): 325Mbps*
*These modes and actual data throughputs depend on supported wireless mode of source devices and/or environmental conditions.Supported Mode: Access Point (Wi-Fi Direct)Supported Security Type: Access Point(Wi-Fi Direct): WPA2-PSK(AES)Wi-Fi generation name: Wi-Fi 5Frequency type (modulations) : Access Point(Wi-Fi Direct): OFDM

Basic Function:

Zoom: Total: Max 230x
Optical: Max 10x
Digital: Max 23xZoom 1X: YesVolume : YesBrightness: YesAuto Focus : YesWiFi / USB : YesPlayback : Yes (need USB Memory)DC / PC : YesCapture : Yes (need USB Memory)Record : Yes (need USB Memory)Resolution: Yes (4K / 1080p / 720p / XGA)Freeze / Stop : YesAE Lock : YesLamp: Yes (On / Off)Image Rotation: Yes (0 degrees / 180 degrees)Mode: Yes (Normal / Motion / Wide Angle / Microscope / Macro / Infinity)Del : Yes (need USB Memory)Default : YesMenu : Yes

Adjustment Function:

Image: Brightness: 0 ~ 255
Contrast: 0 ~ 255
Saturation: 0 ~ 255
Image Mode: Normal / Motion / Wide Angle / Microscope / Macro / Infinity
Color / B&W / Negative: Color / Black&White / Negative
Image Rotation: 180 degrees / Normal
Exposure: Auto / Manual
Manual Exposure: 0 ~ 99
White Bakance: Auto / Manual / Cloudy / Daylight / Fluorescent / Incandescent
Manual White Balance: 2800 ~ 10000KMiracast: Disconect: Yes
Conect: YesSystem: Language: 13 Languages
Output Display: 3840x2160@60 / 3840x2160@30 / 1920x1080 / 1280x720 / 1024x768
USB Streaming Format: H.264 On / H.264 Off
Flickerless: 50Hz / 60Hz
HDMI Link: Off / On
Sleep Mode: Off / On
Sleep Mode Timer: 1 ~ 6 Hours
Mic Volume: 0 ~ 20
Information: Yes
Reset: No / YesPlayback : Slide Show: Start / Stop
Interval: 1 ~ 100 (s)
Delete All: No / Yes


Open (D x W x H): 586 x 554 x 159 mmFolded (D x W x H): 362x 85 x 159 mm

Theft Proof:

Kensington Lock: Yes

Optical System:

Shooting Area: 345 x 480 mm at 470 mm
(large than A3: via Wide Angle mode (4:3))Focus: Automatic (need to press ""Auto Focus"" Button)
Focus adjust time: less than 4 secWorking Distance: 50 mm to 100 mm (Image Mode: Macro)
100 mm to 800 mm (Image Mode: Normal / Motion / Wide Angle)
800 mm to infinity (Image Mode: Infinity)

Illumination System:

Light equipment: White LED x 8 (Variable LED light)Light brightness control step: Off / OnBrightness: 100 lx or above (at A3 shooting area) Brightness Uniformity: 45 % or above (at A3 shooting area)

Power Consumption:

System On : 9.6 W (Lamp On), 8.0 W (Lamp Off) System Stand-by : Less than 0.5W (Except for HDMI pass through)

Specification of Main Parts:

Sensor: Image pickup device: CMOS
Size: 1/3.2 inch
Number of effective pixels: 13M pixels (4208 x 3120)
Native Resolution: 4K
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Pixel size: 1.12 µm x 1.12 µm
CRA: ≤8 degrees
Frame rate: 60 fps (Max)Video Output Resolution: HDMI: XGA / 720p / Full HD / 4K
USB Type mini-B: 320 x 180 / 320 x 240 / 640 x 360 / VGA / XGA / 720p / WXGA / QVGA / SXGA / Full HD / UXGA / 2048 x 1536 / 2560 x 1920 / 4K
Miracast: Full HDLens: Type: Optical zoom / Focus
F-Number: F = 2.8
Optical Zoom Ratio: x1 - x10 (at working distance: infinity)Camera Head: Mechanical rotation range
Rotation: -90 to +90 degrees
Horizontal: 0 to 180 degrees

Power Supply:

Power Supply Voltage: 100 - 240V ACPower frequency : 50/60 HzOutput Voltage of AC Power Adapter: DC 5V

Compatible Standard:

Safety: US: UL 62368-1
Canada: CAN/CSA C22.2 No.62368-1
Japan: No safety regulations
CE(Europe): No safety regulations
Singapore: No safety regulations
Argentina: No safety regulations
Russia / Belarus / Kazakhstan: No safety regulationsEMC: US: FCC part 15B class B
Canada: ICES-003 class B
Japan: VCCI class B
CE(Europe): EMC directive (2004/108/EC) (CE Marking)
Australia / New Zealand: AS/NZS CISPR32 Class B (RCM Mark)

Supported Languages:

OSD : 13 Languages (Japanese / English / French / German / Italian / Spanish / Portuguese / Simplified Chinese / Traditional Chinese / Korean / Dutch / Swedish / Russian) Manual: 29 Languages (Japanese / English / French / German / Italian / Spanish / Catalan / Portuguese / Simplified Chinese / Traditional Chinese / Dutch / Danish / Polish / Hungarian / Czech / Romanian / Slovenian / Norwegian / Swedish / Finnish / Russian / Ukrainian / Greek / Turkish / Arabic / Croatian / Slovak / Bulgarian / Kazakh)

Extended Function Part:

Supported File Formats:Still Image
Format: JPEG
Resolution: Up to 4K
Display capability of USB Memory
Format: JPEG
Resolution: Up to 4K

Video Movie
Format: MP4
Resolution: Up to 4K
Display capability of USB Memory
Format: MP4
Resolution: Up to 4K
File size: Up to 2GB

Optional Accessories:

Soft Carrying Case : ELPKS72


Storage Temperature: -10 °C to 60 °C <14 °F to 140 °F> ( 10% - 90% humidity, No condensation ) Operating Temperature: 5 °C to 35 °C <41 °F to 95 °F> ( 0 m / 0 ft to 2286m / 7500ft ) ( 20% - 80% humidity, No condensation ) Start-Up Period: Less than 20 secondsWeight: Approx. 2.8 kg / 6.1 lbs.PC Applications: Easy Interactive Tools Ver 5.11 or later (for Windows)
Easy Interactive Tools Ver 5.10 or later (for macOS)
Epson Connect Tool for Document Camera Ver.1.00 (Windows)
Epson Connect Tool for Document Camera Ver.1.00 (macOS)


Type A: for Wireless LAN: 1
for USB Memory: 1Type mini-B: 1 (UVC Ver1.1, UAC Ver1.0 support)

Video I/O:

In: HDMI: Pass through: 1Out: HDMI: 1 (In common with CEC control)

Memory I/O:

USB Memory: 1 (USB flash drive FAT (32 GB max))