For Work Printers Large Format Epson SureColor SC-F2230

Epson SureColor SC-F2230

Unleash your creativity, print your style

The Epson SureColor SC-F2230 brings with it improved garment printing capabilities and superior print quality, offering the perfect compact solution for small and mid-sized garment customization businesses. Equipped with the latest PrecisionCore MicroTFP printhead, coupled with the Auto Gap Adjustment function, experience next level efficiency and improve your business turnaround time.

      • Epson PrecisionCore MicroTFP Printhead
      • Auto Gap Adjustment function for improved productivity
      • New ink pack system with increased capacity
      • Garment Creator 2 software with improved processing speed and higher resolution input
      • Improved usability with a smaller compact size

Improved printhead for higher productivity

The new SC-F2230 is equipped with the latest PrecisionCore MicroTFP Printhead, with an increased printhead width of 1.33 inches and an increased nozzle count from 2,800 nozzles (SC-F2130) to 3,200 nozzles. This brings along significant improvement in print speed; up to 135% faster for light garments and up to 125% faster for dark garments1.



New ink pack system

The ink cartridge system on the predecessor model has been upgraded to the new ink pack system with an increased capacity of 800ml. This improvement also reduces the weight and space needed for the ink and reduces plastic wastage.



Additionally, with the frontal design, ink packs are easily accessible from the front of the printer, enabling ease of operation for installation and changing of ink packs.


frontal access


Furthermore, the SC-F2230 is also equipped with the latest UltraChrome DS2 inks. The Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Black inks have been improved to produce better print quality specifically for Yellow and/ or Black bleeding on light garments that have high water repellency1.


ultrachrome DG2 ink logo

Auto Gap Adjustment feature

The SC-F2230 is equipped with the Auto Gap Adjustment feature which automatically2 moves the printhead carriage to the most suitable printing position. This feature optimises the gap between the printhead and garment to ensure continuous stable prints while also reducing the need for manual platen height adjustments.



Improved usability

The SC-F2230 comes with a smaller footprint as compared to its predecessor model, SC-F2130, making it easier to fit into any working environment and easier for transportation.

operation top view

Furthermore, the printer is equipped with a 4.33 inches LCD touchscreen display with user-friendly features that improves usability.


LCD touchscreen display

Garment Creator 2 software

The Garment Creator software has also been improved, providing a faster processing speed that has been shown to process information 5s faster compared to the previous Garment Creator software1. The new software also supports 600dpi resolution input, enabling customers to product finer details.



Printing Technology: PrecisionCore inkjet technology
Variable-Sized Droplet TechnologyPrint Head: PrecisionCore MicroTFP PrintheadNozzle Configuration: 3,200 nozzles
Color:1,600 nozzles(400 nozzles x 4 lines)
White:1,600 nozzles(400 nozzles x 4 lines)Maximum Print Resolution: 1,200×1,200 dpiMinimum Ink Droplet Size: 12.8pLPrint Speed3: Dark T-shirt mode :
Wh 1,200 x 1,200 dpi 4.1 Pass Bi-d - 142sec/sheet
Col 600 x 600 4 pass Bi-d - 142sec/sheet
Light T-shirt mode:
600 x 600 2 pass Bi-d - 43sec/sheet
Output image size: 346 × 408mm


Ink Type: Pigment inkColours: Cyan, Magenta,Yellow, Black, WhiteInk Capacity: 800mlInk Brand Name: UltraChrome DG2 InkInk Case: Ink pack

Garment Media Handling:

Thickness: Up to 27mm
When operating the platen gap leverSubstrate Weight: Up to 1.5kgGarment Material: Cotton 100%, 50% cotton or more for blended
Polyester 100%, 50% or more polyester for blend
The finished image depends on the garment. Also, printing is not possible on fabrics with uneven surfaces.Platen Path: Belt Feed


System Requirements: Mac_System_Requirement:
CPU : Multicore(Intel Core i7 8th generation or later and ARM-based Apple Silicon processors recommended)
Memory : 2GB or more free space (16GB or more recommended)
HDD : 32GB or more free space (SSD recommended)
Monitor : 1024×768 or more(For Garment Creator2)Storage Temperature: -20~40℃ ※※BeforeUnpacking:-
20~60℃  Case40℃: Less than
1month  Case60℃:Less than
120hoursAfterUnpacking: -20~40℃  Case40℃: Less than 1monthStorage Humidity: Storage: 5 - 85% (no condensation)

Control Panel:

Colour & Size: 4.3 inch Touch Panel

Acoustic Noise Level:

Sound Pressure Level: 37dB(A)Sound Power Level: 4.8B(A)

Environmental Characteristics:

Temperature: Operating: 10°C - 35°CHumidity: Operating: 20 - 80% (no condensation)

Dimensions and Weight:

Weight: Approx. 94.5kg [kg]
Without ink cartridges and initial ink charge, With "Hanger Platen - M"Printer Dimension (W) Printing: 981 [mm]Printer Dimension (D) Printing: 1,448 [mm]
Attaching hanger platen - M, Rear cover attachedPrinter Dimension (H) Printing: 796 [mm]
Printer cover openedPrinter Dimension (W) Stowed: 981 [mm]Printer Dimension (D) Stowed: 1,361 [mm]
Platen loaded, Rear cover attachedPrinter Dimension (H) Stowed: 499 [mm]

Electrical Specifications:

Rated Current: AC100 to 240V, 3.4 to 1.6AVoltage: AC100 to 240V 50/60Hz

Power Consumption:

Operating: Approx.46WReady: Approx.30WSleep: Approx.7WPower Off (Stand by): Approx.0.3W


Win PC System Requirement: CPU : Multicore(Intel Core i7 8th generation or later recommended)
Memory : 2GB or more free space (16GB or more recommended)
HDD : 32GB or more free space (SSD recommended)
Monitor : 1024×768 or more(For Garment Creator2)

Utility Software:

Utility Software (Bundled in CD): Windows only:Communication Driver,Installer Package,Software Updater,EpsonNet Print,EpsonNet Setup,EpsonNet Config SE,Manual PackageUtility Software (Web delivery): Windows: Communication Driver,Installer Package,Web Installer,Software Updater,Firmware Updater,Epson Net Print,EpsonNet Setup,EpsonNet Config SE,Manual Package,Epson Manual Launcher,Epson Edge Dashboard,LFP Accounting Tool,Garment Creator 2,Garment Creator Easy Print SystemMac OS X :Web Installer,Software Updater,Firmware Updater,Manual Package,Epson Manual Launcher,Epson Edge Dashboard,Garment Creator 2


Options: Hanger Platen - L/Hanger Platen - M/Hanger Platen - S/Extra Small Platen (7”x8”/178x203mm)/Medium Grooved Platen (14"x16"/356x406mm)/Sleeve Platen/Grip Pad Tool/Pre-treatment roller set/Replacement rollers for pre-treatment (3 pieces)/Hard roller


Heat Press Condition: Cotton garment material Drying :170℃, 45seconds(For dark T-shirt) Fixing :170℃, 45seconds(For dark T-shirt/light T-shirt)Polyester garment material(For dark T-shirt) Drying :130℃, 60seconds Fixing :130℃, 90secondsPolyester garment material(For light T-shirt) Drying :130℃, 60seconds Fixing :130℃, 30seconds
When the printing area size is A4.The optimum conditions differ depending on the heat press used, so be sure to determine the temperature and time while checking the ink fixing result in advance.Oven Condition: Cotton garment material(For dark T-shirt/light T-shirt) Fixing :160℃, 3.5 - 4.5minutesPolyester garment material(For dark T-shirt) Fixing :140℃, 5.0 - 10.0minutesPolyester garment material(For light T-shirt) Fixing :140℃, 5.0 - 10.0minutes
When the printing area size is A4.The optimum conditions differ depending on the oven used, so be sure to determine the temperature and time while checking the ink fixing result in advance.


Printable Area: Hanger Platen - L (406㎜x508㎜)
Hanger Platen - M (356㎜x406㎜)
Hanger Platen - S (254㎜x305㎜)
Extra Small Platen (178x203mm)
Medium Grooved Platen (356x406mm)
Sleeve Platen (102㎜x102㎜)External USB Memory: Less than 2TBFormat form:FAT32, FAT, exFAT
Incompliant for USB memory with an encryption or a security function. Non-guarantee connected through USB memory reader/writer or extension cable.


Ink related CERTIFICATIONS: WW(ECO PASSPORT), GOTSEnvironmental Law_Regulation: WEEE, Mexico energy efficiency labelling regulation,RoHS (EU, China, Korea, India), REACHElectromagnetic: USA(FCC), Canada (ICES), EU (EMC Directive), UKCA(UK), Morocco, Ukraine, Australia (RCM), Korea (KC), Japan (VCCI)Safety: USA and Canada (NRTL Certified), Argentina (S-mark) , Mexico (NOM), EU (Low Voltage Directive), UKCA(UK), GS(Germany), Morocco, Ukraine, Singapore (PSB), Cambodia, India(HSE), Hong Kong(EPSR)


Memory: 1 GBytesInterface: Hi-Speed USB2.0 x2  (for PCx1,for USB flash memoryx1), 1000 Base-TPrint Languages (Standard): ESC/P raster

Operating System Requirements:

Operating System: Windows supported OS: Windows 8.1(64-bit) or later(64-bit)
Mac Supprted OS: Mac OS X 10.12 or later


1Improvement is determined through Epson's internal testings

2 For thicker garments such as hoodies & jackets, manual platen height adjustment might still be needed

3The output speed is the time from ink discharge starts until the ink discharge ends. Printing requires other times for pre-processing, garment setting, data processing, data transfer, and post-processing. Default "Print Quality" setting on Garment Creator2.