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Experience the new standard in Augmented Reality or first person DJI piloting at only RM2324

World's Lightest OLED Binocular See-through Smart Glasses

A New Way to See the World

Truly Wearable

Light, comfortable and natural design.

Fully Transparent, Binocular Display

Seamlessly blend digital content into the world around you in 2D and 3D with dual displays.

Built on Android

Familiar & accessible OS development environment.

Integrated Sensors

Front facing camera and head tracking sensors enable Augmented Reality and a 360° digital canvas.

Moverio BT-300 Smart Glasses

Heads-Up | Hands-Free | AR | FPV for DJI Piloting

• Si-OLED display
• Unique design that fits over regular glasses
• Amazing image quality in HD (720p) 
• 5MP front-facing camera
• Up to 6hrs battery life

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