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Epson SureColor SC-B6070 44 inch Ink Tank Dye Ink Indoor Banner Signage Large Format Printer

The Capacity You Need for the Fastest and Biggest Jobs

The SureColor SC-B6070 is the world's first original ink tank large format printer that delivers fast, cost effective and high quality printing.

    • Print up to 44-inch media
      Epson genuine inks
      Large 1.5L capacity ink tanks
      Low total cost of ownership


Genuine Ink Tank System

Commercial large format printing places great demands on speed and turn around time. The SureColor SC-B6070 is the first in the class to integrate large, 1.5L capacity ink tanks for increased productivity and efficiency, reducing the frequency of ink refills while at the same time enabling fast, high-volume printing. Refills, when needed, come in convenient and value-for-money 1L packs containing genuine Epson ink for the best quality.

Superb Reliability

Created as highly reliable solution for continuous production and minimum down time, the printers come with a remaining ink level warning system to alert users to replenish the ink tanks while in operation before they are empty.

Epson's proven and robust Micro Piezo print heads provide the required durability for high volume production while filters in the ink tanks ensure that the ink supply is kept free of impurities that may cause clogging and stoppages.


1-Year Warranty for Peace-of-Mind

Rest assured with a genuine 1-year warranty from Epson that includes parts and print heads, in addition to the support of professional Epson servicing to keep your printer operating at its peak.


Fastest in its Class

Push your printing productivity to the maximum with an unrivalled throughput of 30.6m²/h for the SC-B6070.

Quality You Know and Trust

Epson's Micro Piezo Thin Film Piezo (TFP) print heads achieve extreme precision in ink droplet placement while increasing the nozzle count from 360 to 720 per colour. A single print head utilises 8 nozzle lines, delivering 720 dpi resolution in a single pass, unlike conventional models that can only manage 360 dpi, allowing fast printing speeds even at the highest quality setting of 1440 x 1440 dpi resolution.

Designed for Ease-of-Use

The SureColor SC-B6070 is built with a sturdy, ergonomic design with smart features that make it a breeze to operate and maintain in busy work environments.


Easy Ink Replacement

The ultra high capacity 1L ink packs eliminate the need for frequent ink cartridge replacements. The ink tank system is fully integrated into the printer design and is easy to refill.

Easy Roll Media Loading

Thanks to a jack at the rear, loading a new roll is a one-person job. Media tensioning can be controlled easily from front or back of the printer for speedier set-up to maximise productivity. 'Auto Tension Control' and three platen gap settings ensure accurate and efficient media feeding for reliable and continuous printing.

On-the-Fly Paper Feed Adjustment

A short-cut button on the control panel lets users correct the paper feed even while printing is in progress, thereby reducing print wastage.


Easy-to-Use Interface

The new 2.5"" colour LCD screen control panel lets users use shortcut keys to check and use printer settings intuitively. The large LED alert lamp notifies users of any printing errors. The paper feed button allows users to adjust the paper feed without stopping any print jobs, ensuring minimal print wastage.

Alert Lamp & Buzzer

In the event of printer error, users are quickly alerted.

Status Notification System

Status alerts for instances such as 'End of Print Job', 'Error' or 'Ink Running Out' can be sent to users via e-mail notification, receivable through networked PCs or modern smartphones.

Printing Technology:

Supported Media: MicroPiezo TFP Print HeadPrint Condition: 720 dpix 1440 dpiPrint Direction: Bi-directional printing, uni-directional printingMinimum Ink Droplet Volume: 3.8 plControl Code: ESC / P rasterNozzle Configuration: 360 x 2 nozzles each colour (x4Maximum Resolution: 720 dpix 1440 dpi

Ink System:

Colours: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, BlackInk Tank Capacity: 1500mlInk Pack Capacity: 1000ml

Paper Handling:

Paper Feed Method: Friction FeedAuto Take Up Reel Unit: OptionalRoll Outer Diameter: Up to 150mmRoll Core Size: 2" or 3" Media Width: 254mm (10") to 1118mm (44")Printing Width (Margin): Max. 1112mm
Side Margin: 3mm both sidesMedia Thickness: 0.08 - 0.50mm Colour & Size: 2.5" Colour LCD Number of Dots: 480(W) x 240(H) dot

Print Modes | Resolution | Passes:

High Speed | 360 x 720 | 2: 30.6Production2 | 720 x 720 | 3: 22.6Production3 | 720 x 1440 | 4: 15.8High Quality | 720 x 1440 | 7/8: 6.2

Acoustic Noise Level:

Sound Pressure Level : Approx. 55.1dBSound Power Level : Approx. 7.3dBPrinter Software on CD-ROM: Communication Driver (Win), User's Guide, EPSON LFP Remote Panel 2 (Win), EpsonNet Setup, EpsonNet Config, EpsonNet Print


Standard: USB 2.0 Hi-speed Ethernet: 100BASE-TX / 1000BASE-T


Main: 512MBNetwork: 128MB


Auto Take Up Reel: C12C815411Roll Media Adaptor: C12C811381

Power Consumption:

Operating: Approx. 65WStandby: Approx. 20WSleep: Approx. 3W(Interface is 1000BASE-T)Power Off: Less than 0.4W

Electrical Specifications:

Rated Voltage: AC 100 – 240V (AC 90 - 264V)Rated Frequency: 50 – 60HzPower Supply: 50 – 60Hz 1.0 - 0.5A


Maintenance Box: C13T619300Auto Cutter Spare Blade: C13S902006
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