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Epson UltraChrome InksEpson UltraChrome Inks (besides UltraChrome GS) are pigment inks with high pigment density and are designed to print on even surfaces and gloss and that are highly stable on a wide variety of media including fine art, specialty and plain paper.

  • Superb colour stability
  • Superb water and wear resistance
  • Low level of metamerism ensures that colour change under different light conditions is minimised or eliminated
  • Designed to print on a wide variety of media
  • Deliver twice the density of conventional pigment inks, resulting in a larger gamut of colour and deeper blacks

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PrecisionCorePrecisionCore, Epson’s latest advance in the 500-year-old craft of printing, promises outstanding increases in speed along with improved output quality, bringing inkjet printing to a new level. The heart of the technology is a next-generation print chip, based on micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) technology, which uses a 1-micron thin piezo actuator that acts like a pump to deposit ink with dramatic speed and precision. PrecisionCore continues and extends Epson’s tradition of providing renowned color quality and output durability across the widest range of applications.

PrecisionCore is a highly scalable technology suited for products ranging from desktop printers to industrial systems such as large-scale label presses. Its modularity allows PrecisionCore print chips to be arrayed in both moving serial printhead and fixed linehead configurations. And use of piezo technology allows great freedom in ink chemistry, facilitating printing on a broad variety of substrates.

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