Summary of Models in the TM-L500A Series

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Boarding Pass & Baggage Tag
Boarding Pass Tray


Compliance to Industry Standards

    The TM-L500A is Energy Star compliant and can be configured to print boarding passes or baggage tags. It supports AEA 2009, ESC/POS and Windows printer driver. It has been certified by major airline system integrators such as SITA, ARINC and RESA giving you the assurance of compatibility with all major civil aviation passenger processing systems.


Cost Effective General Purpose Printer

    The TM-L500A prides itself as a General Purpose Printer, designed to reduce operational costs significantly by extending printer usage beyond printing boarding passes and baggage tags.


Reliability at Maximum Performance

    Featuring industry-leading reliability and blazing speeds of up to 250mm/second, the TM-L500A maintains high productivity for printing boarding passes and baggage tags with about 100 kilometers of paper feed. 


Worldwide Service and Support

    Backed by Epson's worldwide service and support programs, the TM-L500A is the perfect drop-in replacement for expensive proprietary printers.



The Epson TM-L500A airline printer's compact design and rugged build impressed the judges at the 2012 iF International Forum Design awards, who subsequently awarded it with the prestigious iF 2012 product design award, making it the first-ever airline printer to win it.